Back in Action

After nearly a year of sitting stationary, the Schooner J. & E. Riggin left the dock yesterday under the direction of her new captains, Justin Schaefer & Jocelyn Schmidt. She was bound for North End Shipyard, for her annual haul out. The crew relished in the cool spring breeze on their faces, something they all had missed in their time away. 


“It would have been powerful to take her off the dock for the first time regardless of whether or not she had sailed last year.” Jocelyn said. “There was something exceptionally powerful about getting to be the ones to take her out, even just for the short run to the shipyard knowing that it was the first time in a year she had had the chance to stretch her legs. It feels like the start of a really special summer, and the reality of being able to have a season this year is pretty emotional for us.” 

This haul-out will be brief, just to put fresh paint on the bottom and replace the zincs which protect the metal beneath the water from electrolysis. 

“It feels good to be back out on the water and to return to a familiar routine with the vessel after a year of lying dormant,” said Captain Schaefer. “Generations of Riggin crew spanning several seasons came out to offer their collective support & wisdom which made for an extremely special day.” 




Winter Happenings

Winter finally arrived with gusto this month, heralded by snow and record low temperatures. While it may be the down season that doesn’t mean it’s down time for us. When the forecast calls for snow and high winds, some of us head to the store for the “bread and milk”, while Captain Jon heads to the schooners (the Riggin and the Timberwind) to check on lines and bubblers (so the ice doesn’t freeze to the hull).  
We are happy to have Erin back from her cross country adventure with Chives (who is back home in Texas) to help out in the barn this winter. Lots of smaller projects to be done before we go sailing just six months from now. 
And Captain Jon is getting ready to start projects on the boat now that the holidays are over. His trusty woodstove is in place to give a bit of extra warmth.