The Great Schooner Race – It’s One Very Special Week

sailing adventures on the schooner j & e riggin
Taking a turn at the wheel for a moment while the galley has a rest. Photo by Susan Land
the great schooner race with Maine's tall ships
Our competition. Are we ahead or are they?! Photo by Susan Land
Our tall ship fleet gathers for the exciting Great Schooner Race from Islesboro to Rockland the week of July 4th.  This exhilarating day of collegial racing is followed by a festive awards ceremony and party with live music and treats from all of the chefs in the fleet. This year marks the 42nd anniversary of the Great Schooner Race and includes pre-race festivities such as a fireworks display and zany small boat races by the crews of all the vessels, complete with themes and costumes.
Maine's small boat races for the great schooner race
Small boats gather to begin racing. Looking super organized. Photo by Susan Land
Our Viking crew with yarn beards! Photo by Susan Land

This festive day is one of our few fleet gatherings of the summer and one of the biggest days of our season.  Hosted every summer since 1977, The Great Schooner Race is hailed as the largest annual gathering of traditional schooners in America, this year at least twenty schooners are expected to participate in the race. The dates of this special trip are July 2nd to the 7th this year.