F.A.Q.’s – What’s the Weather Like in Maine?

Questions and the zest for learning – we love it.  Now, if you’ve sailed with us before, you might already know the answer to some of these questions, but maybe not all.  Over the next several e-newsletters, we’ll be sharing some of our most frequently asked questions. See if you know the full story…
“What will the weather be like when I sail?”
Your guess on the weather is as good as ours! When you think of packing for your trip, imagine what you would want or need if you were staying in an unheated cottage for the week.  Then imagine that you don’t have to do any cooking or cleaning and you are totally relaxed and you’ve got a pretty good idea of what your trip will be like.
The best we can do is to provide you with a packing list. Follow our list and you’ll be warm, dry, and comfortable no matter the weather. We generally sail rain or shine, but we will stay in port rather than endure rough seas. Please understand that our policy is as follows: in the unlikely event that your trip is delayed or shortened due to prolonged severe weather we do not issue refunds for time spent in port. We’ll still be feasting, singing, and laughing together rain or shine!