Sew Fun – SO Fun

While the barn is abuzz with activity and woodworking, there are other folks who are also engaged and actively planning for another fantastic summer on the water with the Riggin.  E (Elizabeth) is taking reservations at a rapid pace.  And Annie is, among other things, sewing.  Curtains, settee cushions, deck cushions, engine box covers, and so on.  The list of projects is getting longer by the day!

What began as a “simple” slipcover for the house turned into the list above, which keeps getting additions by the second as Annie gets more comfortable with the work.  Annie is lucky enough to have a friend with several industrial sewing machines and she’s always offered to teach Annie how to use them.   This is that winter.  When Annie isn’t on a horse, or cooking in the kitchen, she can these days be found behind the needle of a sewing machine.  

And a powerful one at that.  These machines are not your grandmother’s Singer, although they are just as dependable.  They are finger-eating, strong-engined machines for which Annie has found some serious respect.  They can sew through canvas, sail material, or 4 layers of upholstery material without straining.   Magic and terror all wrapped up in one tidy package.  

Here is a link to Annie on one of the machines and some photos of a few of the many projects in progress or completed.

marine canvas sewing project
The engine box cover for the yawl boat got a little extra padding to protect that nice paint and varnish.


marine canvas sewing project
A look on the underside of the engine box cover. Turns out yoga mats have more than one use! Yes, that’s a yoga mat.


sewing deck cushions for a boat
The deck cushions need a little love. The fabric is wonderful and held up nicely, but the foam is substandard. We are replacing the foam so everyone’s bum has a cushy landing.


Photos by Captain Annie Mahle