Employment on a schooner

Work with us

The folks who work on the J. & E. Riggin are as interesting and varied as the guests who sail with us.  They range from someone looking for a six-month adventure to a person looking to make a career in the sailing/maritime industry.

We look for crew who have a strong work ethic and are interesting, loyal, articulate and honest.  They need to be able to handle long hours and lack of privacy.  We of course look for experience in the job you might have: on deck, or in the galley cooking.  It’s mandatory that you pass a drug test.  We are alcohol-free when passengers are on board or you could potentially be handling the boat.  It’s fun if you are able to join us in singing or making music.

More important, however, is that you are a person who is a team player, who can have intelligent interesting conversations with our passengers, be polite under stressful situations, and extend warmth and welcome to our passengers.

We give high preference to folks who can work our ENTIRE season, from the end of March to the end of October.  While our sailing season is only from May to the beginning of October, there is much work that happens behind the scenes to get the boat prepared to sail and wrapped up for the long hard winter.

Our pay is competitive and we have a small benefits plan for folks who work for us more than one season, as many of our employees do.  As bosses we are fair and honest teachers.  We have a high level of expectation and know that the crew we hire has the capability to meet these standards.

When you leave our employ after having worked an entire season or more, whether this is something you plan as a career or not, you will be proud of what you learned and of the grit and strength you’ve attained.

If you are interested in becoming part of our crew, the positions we hire for are Deckhand, Mate, Mess cook, and Bunkie.  We also offer apprenticeships for a minimum of two week in the galley and on deck.  Please contact us to request an employee application and to send us a resume.  We will then contact you to set up a personal interview.





Heard on the Docks…

“Everyone attached to the Riggin has a special way of making you feel welcome right from the start. By half way through my first day, I felt as though I had been a part of them for years. It’s a wonderful way to greet someone, whether it’s a new deckhand or a new passenger.”

~ Andrew S., New York