Captains & Crew 



Owner & Captain
Lindenhurst, NY

Justin has been sailing since he was old enough to stand and that is no exaggeration. A Long Island native, he grew up sailing on the Great South Bay with his father, Chris, nearly every day there was wind. Justin always wanted to sail as a profession, but that dream wasn’t fully realized until his parents took him on a Kids & Family Cruise on the Schooner J. & E. Riggin when he was 12 years old. For Justin, the experience was life-altering and he was determined to return as one of the crew members he so admired. He would go on to sail as a guest, and apprentice for countless trips throughout the next 6 summers, a deckhand for 1 season, and finally, as the mate in 2015.

Justin currently holds a 100-ton captain’s license and has cruised many parts of the East Coast and the Bahamas on yachts and schooners alike, but there is nowhere on Earth he loves to sail as much as Maine. “It’s just the most beautiful place I have ever been. Everywhere you look is another postcard-worthy landscape.” Justin is excited to be a part of creating magical memories like those he has of sailing with his family in his youth. 


Owner & Cook
Kent, OH

Jocelyn went to Hiram College with ambitions of becoming a history teacher or an archivist, but a study abroad on SSV ­Harvey Gamage in 2012 opened her eyes to a world of adventure available to educators unlike anything she had ever known. After that, she spent every summer sailing and teaching on a multitude of different schooners, combining her two passions. Following her graduation in 2015, she moved to Maine, and within two days of her arrival she met Justin.

Jocelyn has sailed the full length of the East Coast and around the Caribbean on schooners earning her a 100-ton captain’s license, as well, but her real passion lies in working with youth. She hopes to “share [her] knowledge the art of sailing with learners of all ages and to inspire the next generation of youth sailors like Justin, with adventures on J. & E. Riggin.” In addition to teaching, Jocelyn enjoys taking her dog, Odin, to the park, hiking, and crafting meals & cocktails with local ingredients, some from her own small garden.


Social Media Manager 
Nashville, TN

How long have you been sailing?
5 years professionally.
What are you most looking forward to?
Maine Sunsets 
What are some of your hobbies & interests outside of windjamming?
Traveling, boxing, mixology, LSAT prep 
Favorite island for Lobster Bake?
Marshall Island
Any other fun things you want the internet to know about you?
I used to competitively figure skate and my grandparents ran a windjammer!



By the Numbers

  • Capt. Justin holds a 100-ton license
  • Capt. Jocelyn holds a 100-ton license
  • 568 trips & over 9,000 passengers since 1998
  • Became the new stewards of the Riggin in 2021
  • Over 211,000+ meals have been shared aboard

Heard on the Docks…

“Not only is she fun to sail (and “well-Captained”) the warmth and enthusiasm you both show in everything you do makes me, and the other passengers who sail with you, feel truly a part of the Riggin family”

~ Dave B., Boston, MA



“The food was outstanding and healthy.  We enjoyed the fresh herbs, veggies, wonderful breads, etc.”

~ Bill & Beverly B., OK