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Windjammer Cruise Descriptions

Riggin at Breakwater

Sail away on a Maine adventure!

All of our windjammer cruises have a title attached to them though not all include a special event like the music or photography. Below you’ll find a brief description of trips some of which include a raft up with other Maine windjammers.

Shakedown Cruise (May 31-June 2, 2018) – Our first trip of the 2018 season often called a Shakedown – as in we fine tune our crew and boat after a long winters nap. The perfect start of summer escape!

Summer Solstice & Fall Equinox (June 22-25 and September 21-24, 2018)- Come celebrate the changing of the season aboard the Riggin as we take in the beauty of the Maine coast.

Early Summer Getaway (June 3-6, 2018) – Short 4-day trips to get your summer started on the right foot.

Race Week (July 2-7, 2018) – We will join the rest of the Maine Windjammer fleet in a race across the bay one day of this 6-day cruise. The night before the race we will raft up with the rest of the schooner. We’ll also look forward to celebrating Independence day with you.

Windjammer Parade (July 13-16, 2018) – On Friday afternoon we will join a dozen other windjammer in a parade of sail past the Rockland Breakwater. If there were ever a better opportunity for photos of the schooners under sail, we don’t know of it.  The rest of the cruise will be spent exploring the harbors of the Maine coast.

Lobster Love (July 30-August 2, 2018) Who doesn’t love Maine Lobster?! This 4-day trip will treat you to a beach side lobster bake (weather permitting) and lobster in other various dishes throughout your time aboard. At the end of your trip stay in Rockland and enjoy the 71st annual Maine Lobster Festival!

Captains Choice Cruise (August 8-11, 2018) – It’s the Captains birthday this week which means on this trip we’ll sail to his favorite harbors, eat his favorite meals (this means no turkey dinner!) and be entertained by  his favorite songs.

Summer Isn’t Over Yet (August 24-27, 2018) – A quick 4-day getaway to sneak in before the unofficial end of summer started. Enjoy the warmth of August with the winds of September.

Camden Windjammer Festival (Aug 29- Sept 1, 2108) – On Friday afternoon we will sail into beautiful Camden Harbor for the annual Camden Windjammer Festival along with the other boats in the Maine Windjammer Fleet. We will dock for the night where you can explore the other ships, visit downtown Camden and enjoy the evening’s entertainment – a schooner crew talent show and fireworks. It’s a great opportunity to see the windjammers up close.

Wooden Boat Sail-In (Sept 10-15, 2018) – This raft up with the fleet marks the last of the sailing season. One night we will sail into Brooklin Maine, home of the WoodenBoat School, store and magazine. This will mark the 32nd year of the raft up and includes refreshments, live music by a local steel drum band and tours of the WoodenBoat grounds.

Fall Color Getaway (Oct 1-4, 2018) – The last trip of the season where, if Mother Nature has cooperated, we will see the beautiful fall colors of New England while we sail along the coast of Maine. You are also invited to stay a bit later and give the crew a helping hand with the down-fit process where everything can can -does come off the boat as we prepare her for winter. The bonus to this is Annie will continue to feed you!

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Riggin Relics

Windjammer Parade by Rocky Coast Photography

Schooner Race by Norman Lampton

Camden Windjammer Weekend