Maine Sailing Charters

Riggin at Rest - Maine sunset

Family Reunions, Class Trips, Weddings at Sea

A Maine Windjammer charter aboard the historic schooner J. & E. Riggin is a unique and memorable way to celebrate a special event, class trip, reunion or even a business or team building event. It’s a way to give you and your group a once in a lifetime experience full of magical moments.

Come explore the coast of Maine from the best side- the sea. Imagine a three to six hour tour, an overnight or even a week long charter gliding along the rocky coastline and spruce clad islands; seeing seals, porpoise, and bald eagles, lighthouses and other tall ships, and enjoying classic food focusing on local ingredients food prepared with fire and soul on the ships wood burning stove.

Your charter is an all inclusive package including crew, three handmade meals a day, a traditional Maine lobster bake (on charter 3 or more days) and of course the spectacular Maine scenery.

Getting Lobsters Ready

The J. & E. Riggin, a National Historic Landmark, has been chartered for nautical weddings at sea, class trips, family reunions, team building events, Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops, and birthday and anniversary celebrations.

When you charter the J. & E. Rigginyour trip can be customized to your groups needs and we will do all that is possible to accommodate any special requests. We can take up to 24 passengers on an overnight charter with two cabins each with a double bed, two cabins each with three twin bunks and seven cabins with two twin bunks. On a day sail, minimum of 3 hours, we can take up to 45 passengers. If your group is in need of more space there are other schooners with whom we partner. Prices vary depending on the length of your trip – all charters are offered at a discounted rate. Please call us for details.

We are proud to share that over 75% of our educational and school charters have returned to sail again.

The Schooner J. & E. Riggin is 120 feet in overall length, 90 feet on deck and 23 feet wide. She can carry up to 24 overnight passengers and up to 45 day passengers. She is fully equipped with GPS, radar, and radio. She meets all Coast Guard requirements for construction and safety equipment.

Group Charters

Family ReunionIf you are looking for a place to have a Girlfriend Getaway, Mancation where just the guys get together; to have or host team building; non profit fundraiser, getaway focused on food, fishing, or wild life; inspirational retreat or a crafting getaway, our historic sailing ship offers you an unrivaled setting and experience than anything you can find on land. By its very nature, sailing is engaging and enlivening – your group will be in for the adventure of a lifetime. Whether we are racing with other schooners across the bay, exploring the beach at a lobster bake, or sitting on deck listening to music being performed by the captains and crew, your chartered windjammer trip is sure to leave everyone with smiles and unequaled memories. It’s an adventure for kids and adults alike. There is something for everyone to do whether it’s helping to sail, exploring uninhabited islands, joining in on a scavenger hunt, visiting quintessential coastal villages, or simply finding a space on deck to sit back and relax and read, knit, play cards or even take nap, we find the simplest things are often the most luxurious.


2010 Family ReunionWhether getting together for a family reunion, reconnecting with your classmates from high school, college or even with your  fraternity brothers or sorority sisters, the schooner J. & E. Riggin is a unique place to do it. Time is precious and while on board the pace of life slows allowing you to enjoy every moment. Enjoy each others company while sailing along the coast of Maine.

Nautical Weddings, Commitment Ceremonies, and Vow Renewals at Sea

Nautical Wedding at SeaImagine yourself and the love of your life standing side by side on a historic schooner exchanging vows and beginning your life together at sea. While many couples are heading down the aisle, why not head to the bow and tie the knot. Get married by a sea captain as you sail past lighthouses and the rocky shoreline or while the ship is at anchor for a sunset or sunrise ceremony. What about an intimate moonlit ceremony at the ship’s wheel?  Some couples even choose to exchange vows ashore on an uninhabited island. However you choose to share this very important and meaningful event a ceremony at sea is a unique way to celebrate.

Education & Kids

Kids CharterWe provide both educational experiences and celebrations for kids aboard the J. & E. Riggin. Some groups, like Boy and Girl Scout troops choose to have stations set up around the ship for watches with each watch having a responsibility such as deck work, rope and knot work, general seamanship, navigation, wildlife, and galley duties. Other groups including Waldorf classes, senior trips, summer camps, and youth groups use the schooner as a place to celebrate their time together and have a lot of fun.


Charter a windjammer

2020 dates are now open for charter requests

Charter the Maine Windjammer J. & E. Riggin for:

  • Family reunion
  • Class reunion (Senior class trip, graduation from 8th grade)
  • Military reunion
  • Nautical weddings
  • Birthday/anniversary celebrations
  • Celebrations of life
  • Boy Scout and Girl Scouts
  • Sail training
  • Girlfriend getaway
  • Mancation (men’s retreat)
  • Togethering
  • Team building
  • Youth group trips
  • Inspirational retreat
  • Crafting retreat
  • Alumni get-togethers (college reunion)
  • Non-profit fundraising trips
  • Culinary getaways and travel
  • Photography excursions


Heard on the Docks…

“I had anticipated stepping on board for months.

The ship seemed legendary and intriguing.  Every thing was perfect and useful.  The wood had copious layers of varnish, permeated to perfection.  We explored our cabins to find tiny quarters.  After a few days, the rooms did not feel so cramped and were actually quite comfortable.

At the beginning of our trip I felt like a visitor on the boat; towards the end, I felt a part of it.  We were extraordinarily lucky with every aspect of our trip:  perfectly timed weather; blue skies during the day and torrential down pour and thunderstorms at night; the wind was abundant but not so severe that reefing the sails was necessary; I never had to apply bug spray during the trip!

Every aspect of our trip was tremendous and opportunities were endless!  The captain and crew were cordial and very willing to teach anyone who wanted to learn. The captain taught me to find our exact location on the chart using only three points of reference.  He also taught me six commonly used knots including the bowline, clove hitch, sheepshank, two turns and a half hitch, taught line hitch, and square knot.

The food was sensational and was comparable to any restaurant I have dined in and lived up to its high reputation.  We never ate the same meal twice, although there was always peanut butter and jelly for anyone with bland taste buds.  Every morning on deck there was tea and hot chocolate.

When I left, I felt like I was forgetting something or I was not where I was supposed to be.  I felt like I belonged with the ship.”

~ Ian M. 8th grade student