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Maine Photography Cruise

Photo by Ben Krebs

Photography Cruise with Ben Krebs

A picture is worth a thousand words and photography is the universal language. It’s also a lot of fun! Aboard the Schooner J&E Riggin, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself with the stunning surrounds of the Maine coast and enjoy a unique photographic experience.

Photo by Ben KrebsThis year’s photography cruise will be led by lifestyle photographer and photojournalist, Ben Krebs, who will provide instruction, direction, hands-on experience, and discussions. Whether it’s with an iPhone or suitcases full of gear, you’ll explore the world of photojournalism and go beyond the single photograph to tell a story. Ben will be sharing his years of experience from around the world and while documenting the Garth Brook World Tour with Trisha Yearwood, one of the world’s largest tours.

The Riggin’s sailing grounds are one of the most exquisite in the world – islands dotted with green spruce and the soft gray of the granite shores. The snug harbors, glorious natural colors, and spectacular light are unmatched any place else on earth. The sailing is exciting, the passengers and crew are friendly, and the soul-satisfying stylish comfort food that comes from the galley’s woodstove is local and organic. There is an abundance of outdoor photo opportunities including other windjammers, Maine lighthouses, wildlife including bald eagles, osprey, porpoise, and harbor seals.

Photo by Ben KrebsEveryone has their own voice and their own story, throw a handful of people on a boat together and a week later they’ll all come away with something different to say about it. You’ll be spending your time doing just that with a camera in hand, learning to respond to the moment, engage in your surroundings, and stay aware of the details that contribute to a story all while not getting lost behind the camera yourself.

Topics that will be covered include:
– shooting with natural light
– working with “what you’ve got” and making the most of the equipment you have and how it shapes the story you want to tell
– composing a body of work – going beyond individual photographs
– environmental portraits – shooting people where they’re at

We look forward to welcoming all who love photography, from novice to expert. All that is needed is a camera of your choosing and sense of adventure.

Check out photos Ben Krebs made while aboard the Riggin a few years back. You will also see his work throughout our website.


About your photography instructor

Ben Krebs by Hollis BennettBen Krebs handles creative media and photography for the Garth Brooks World Tour with Trisha Yearwood. When not on the road, Ben works freelance doing commercial work, music videos, creative and art direction for a wide variety of artists and clients, including campaigns for Amazon, Target and Walmart. He also travels all over the world to places like Norway, Sweden, Sydney and Spain. Ben was also the art director and photographer for The Band Perry.

Ben was raised in coastal Maine but now lives in Nashville with his beautiful wife and daughter, however he considers home to be on the shores of the Kennebec River in Maine. They return there each summer to spend time with family and friends.

To see some of Ben Krebs other work visit his website.

Photography Cruise Dates


September 18 – 21, 4 days/nights, $797

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Photo by Ben Krebs

Photo by Ben Krebs

Photo by Ben Krebs

Heard on the Docks…

“One of the things I struggle with when travelling is the compromise between making good images and just grabbing a photo. I don’t want a standard travel photo. Having opportunities pointed out for something unique mixed with relaxed instruction time was a great way to get the balance. There was plenty of information for beginners and those that have been shooting for years. He has a great eye and his suggestions provided creative opportunities that I may not have seen.”

~ Shelby D., New York


“The photographic opportunities were more beautiful than I had imagined. We are experienced photographers with different levels of expertise. The patience with all our questions was appreciated. The instruction between eating Annie’s delicious food and history shared by Captain Jon made the trip very personal.  “

~ Greg M., Georgia