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Maine Lighthouses & Lobster Cruises

Sailing By by Rocky Coast Photography

Maine Lighthouses. Maine Lobster.
Maine Windjammers.

Classic images that may come to mind when you think of the Maine coast might include the rugged coastline, rocky beaches, and Maine Windjammers, lighthouses and lobsters.  We have taken three of these iconic ideas and combined them into a unique vacation experience. With over 60 lighthouses in Maine and over 20 in our sailing grounds of Penobscot Bay, we will see as many Maine lighthouses as possible during our 3, 4 or 6 day Maine Lighthouses & Lobster Windjammer Cruises.

Maine Lighthouse by Jim KargSome of the Maine lighthouses we might see are: Rockland Breakwater Light; Owls Head Light; Indian Island; Curtis Island; Marshall Point; Fort Point; Brown’s Head; Pumpkin Island; Saddleback Ledge Light; Goose Rocks Light; Grindle Point Light; Two Bush Island Light

Beachside Lobster Bake by Richard ByrdOne evening we will go ashore and enjoy a traditional Maine Lobster bake with all you can eat lobster, corn and all the fixings. Chef Annie will also feature lobster in other meals during your trip which could include Lobster Stew, Corn & Lobster Stuffed Pork Chop, Lobster, Avocado, Basil Salsa or a Lemon, Lobster Sun-dried Tomato Pizza.

So grab your camera and join us for a spectacular Maine Lighthouse & Lobster Cruise! All prices are listed per person and are all inclusive including lodging, meals and shore excursions; a deposit of $350 reserves your cabin.

Maine Cruise Dates


June 8 – 11, 4 day, $749
July 13 – 16, 4 day, $895
August 3 – 6, 4 day, $895
August 13-16, 4 day, $895
September 21 – 24, 4 day, $767

See the 2018 Sailing Schedule for details.

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Lobster Paella by Rocky Coast Photography

Maine Lighthouse by Rocky Coast Photography



Heard on the Docks…

“We had the time of our lives on the trip, and couldn’t imagine being with a better ship, crew, and shipmates. We enjoyed being entertained by your singing and your jokes in the evening, and just the whole relaxed pace of the week. We appreciated the great cooking and the all-around friendliness of all the crew, a direct reflection of the two of you.”

~ John & Doug P., UT