Maine Knitting Cruises

Knitters knitting away on the J&E Riggin

Three fun and crafty knitting cruises in 2015!

2015 trip details coming soon!

Knitting Getaway June 23rd – June 25th:

Mim Bird - Over The Rainbow YarnFor this 3-day/3 night “Knitting Life Support: Don’t Pull The Plug!” knitting cruise we will embark with knitter Mim Bird of Over the Rainbow Yarn (Rockland Maine’s LYS).

You put so much love and work into your stitching.  Don’t you want it to last forever?  You could put it under glass and never ever touch it, or you could learn ways to preserve, mend, darn, extend,refresh and prolong the life of your knit goods.  These sustainable techniques were once the everyday habits of most folks but have fallen by the wayside in a contemporary world where it’s easy to just buy something and replace it when it starts showing signs of wear.  But one of a kind knitted treasures are not so easily replaced.  It’s not too late to re-learn these lost arts and make them a part of your wooly best practices.

Mim learned to knit when she was seven years old, and started teaching when she was nine.  She learned from her great-grandmother how to darn, mend, re-knit and otherwise keep knitwear usable and attractive for may years.  This is her second time teaching on the Riggin and she is looking forward to sharing some fun in the sun and helping you keep your knitted things with you for a life time.

June 23 – June 25; “Knitting Life Support: Don’t Pull The Plug!” knitting getaway w/Mim Bird
$579 per person, all inclusive
Reserve your space on this exciting sailing & knitting adventure.

For more information on Mim Bird and Over the Rainbow Yarns visit


Knitting Vacation June 6th – 10th and July 16th – 19th:

Bill Huntington

This year spinning and knitting guru Bill Huntington, of Hope Spinnery, a wind-powered fiber mill. will lead 2 fabulous knitting trips.

Join Bill for a 5-day/5 night knitting cruise in June or a 4-day/night trip in July. What better project to knit on a boat than a hat? Hats are the perfect gift (start Christmas gifts early this year) for a loved one or yourself, a great project to make a statement and the best part – this is a project you can start and finish on a 4-day trip. Bill will have all his patterns and yarns available for purchase. We’ll have discussions about sizing and adjusting patterns to individual needs as well as develop new patterns as we sail. Perhaps we’ll create a new design for the Riggin. Bring your own WIP or yarn to start a new project.

June 6 – 10 (5-days/nights) Knitting vacation w/ Bill Huntington
$818 per person, all inclusive

July 16 – 19 (4-days/nights) Knitting vacation w/ Bill Huntington
$788per person, all inclusive
Reserve your space on this exciting sailing & knitting adventure.

For more information on Bill Huntington and Hope Spinnery visit


Knitting Cruise September 1st – 6th:

Margaret Radcliffe

This is a 6-day/6 night September knitting cruise w/Margaret Radcliffe

We’ll be celebrating the publication of Maggie’s new book, The Knowledgeable Knitter, scheduled for release in August 26, 2014.  It focuses on things the pattern doesn’t tell you, but where you should exercise your judgment to improve the overall quality of your knitting and of your knitting experience.  Once you know WHY you should keep these things in mind, you’ll be a WISE knitter! Each day of the cruise, Maggie will focus on a different aspect of knitting, discussing the hot button issues that can make or break a project, including decisions made before you begin a project; successful yarn substitution and swatching; choosing effective cast ons, bind offs, and borders; planning ahead for perfect finishing; choosing size and adjusting fit; solving unexpected problems and fixing mistakes.

September 1 – 6; Knitting cruise w/Margaret Radcliffe
$977 per person; all inclusive.
Reserve your space on this exciting knitting adventure.

For more information on Margaret Radcliffe, her books & patterns visit

Knitting Cruise Dates


June 9-12, 4 days, $659 with Mim Bird

June 19-22, 4 days, $659 with Bill Huntington

August 31 – September 5, 6 days, with Margaret Radcliffe

Charter your own knitting, crochet or crafting cruise?


Knitting On Deck by Margaret Radcliffe

Interested in putting together your own knitting or crochet cruise? Have a knitting group you’d like to travel with? The Riggin is available for sailing &  knitting charters.

Heard on the Docks…

“Bill is an excellent teacher & mentor in the best sense of these words – so respectful of all the different styles of people that came. His depth of knowledge is incredible and he is so laid back and patient with my questions.”


Knitting by Ben Krebs