Windjammer Captains & Crew

Captain Jon Finger –

Captain JonCaptain Jon is a lifelong sailor who has cruised the Maine coast for more than a decade and was recently welcomed to the ‘dark side’ due to the purchase of a new Fender electric guitar.  Not only does Cap hold a Master of Sail 500-ton license, he is now the proud owner of 4 guitars, a bodhrán and the concertina – all of which you are likely to hear him play when you sail on the Riggin.  (Wife’s note: One of these guitars is for sale – send her an email if you’re interested, but shhhhh don’t tell the Captain)

Captain Jon began his sailing career on Lake Michigan. He served in the US Coast Guard on the Academy’s tall ship Eagle and the icebreaker Mackinaw. Having been crew on a research vessel in Bermuda and serving as Captain on charter yachts from Maine to the Caribbean; He sails his ship with the artful skills handed down from the best traditions of the 19th century windjammers and safely commands the J. & E. Riggin to and from many destinations along the coast of Maine. If you can’t find him on deck of the Riggin it’s quite possible he’s run off to join a band and play the heck out of the Fender.

Chef/Co-Captain Anne Mahle –

Annie MahleAs Captain Jon introduces her during Captains call, “My wife Annie is a cookbook author, chef extraordinaire, mother to my children, columnist, TV personality and most importantly my best friend.” Annie is not only a licensed captain; she is also a skilled professional cook with over 30 years in the food industry and has a unique sense of style. You are just as likely to see knitting needles in her hands are you are a whisk and wooden spoon. She is the author of three cookbooks – At Home, At Sea: Recipes from the Maine Windjammer J. & E. Riggin (1st and 2nd editions) and Sugar & Salt: A Year At Home and At Sea (Book 1 – The Blue Book and Book 2 – The Orange Book)

Annie studied at the Culinary Institute of America, then worked in the restaurant industry for eight years, training for three years under a Swiss chef.

She was drawn to the Maine coast from her native Midwest and, after graduating from Michigan State University, she spent three years working in the windjammer fleet, both on deck and in the galley. She also sailed for several seasons as professional crew on a private yacht in New England and the Caribbean. Be sure to read Chef Annie’s lifestyle and recipe blog At Home & At Sea.

Chloe –

Born the year Captain Jon and Annie bought the boat, Chloe is now off at college. You may still see her around from time to time and if you are lucky, she may even join the Riggin for a trip or three this season!





Ella –

Ella has grown up on the Riggin.  This will be Ella’s first year not on the boat all summer but she will hop on from time to time until she heads off to college this fall. 






Elizabeth –

Elizabeth PoissonE, as she’s called around here, has been a part of the Riggin crew going on 17 years. She holds the official title of Shore Operations Manager but really is an indispensable part of the day to day operations, doing a bit of everything – except sailing the boat and cooking. E lives in nearby with her daughter Annaliese. If you have trouble locating her, first check to see if there is a Patriots game on as that’s where you will most likely find her. If there’s no game, she is probably hiking in the woods or in a cozy place knitting, cross stitching. You might also find her wandering around the garden playing in the dirt or stalking James Bond around the globe.


Louie –







Hannah –









Liza –










By the Numbers

  • Capt Jon holds a 500 ton license
  • Annie holds a 100 ton license
  • 525 trips & 8,500+ passengers since 1998
  • Stewards of the Riggin for 21 years
  • Over 1.2 million+ meals shared aboard

Heard on the Docks…

“Not only is she fun to sail (and “well-Captained”) the warmth and enthusiasm you both show in everything you do makes me, and the other passengers who sail with you, feel truly a part of the Riggin family”

~ Dave B., Boston, MA



“The food was outstanding and healthy.  We enjoyed the fresh herbs, veggies, wonderful breads, etc.  Jon, we felt so safe with you at the wheel guiding us.”

~ Bill & Beverly B., OK